If you know that a divorce proceeding is imminent, there are certain things that you can prepare beforehand to face the proceedings. Sometimes, there may be indicators in a relationship that it may be coming to an end and when those signs are present, you should prepare for the worst case scenario.

In most, if not all divorce proceedings, the question of what happens to the matrimonial properties and custody of children would be determined upon. Against the backdrop of this, you can plan for yourself so that when the divorce proceedings become a reality, you have ironed out the issues that need to be determined.

For instance, where the couple had purchased a house in joint names, the usual outcome would be that the couple shares the proceeds in equal shares upon disposal of the property consequent upon a divorce. However, where the purchase of the property is solely funded through payments made by one of the parties and there are records and receipts to show the same, then it may be argued that the party who paid for the house ought to get to keep the house. Of course, in such a scenario, you would expect the other party to argue that he / she had contributed to the house in other ways eg. Payment of bills and utilities or maintenance. At the end of the day, it all boils down to records and receipts.

It is advisable that when a divorce proceeding is contemplated, parties remain level headed and negotiate for the distribution of matrimonial assets and custody of children in a civil manner. This does not always take place owing to the emotional factor which plays a big part in contributing towards the decision to file for a divorce but yet, it plays a very important part in ensuring that no party is shortchanged.

Seek the advise of a divorce attorney so that they can advise you further on what you can do to protect all your assets.